Hand dryer Mediflow Bright

Hand Dryer Mediflow Bright Stainless

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Hand Dryer Mediflow Bright Stainless

Mediflow® Intelligent sensor operated hand dryer
  • Premium warm air hand dryer for high and low traffic.
  • Made in Europe, warranty 3 yrs labour – 7 yrs parts.
  • ‘Logic dry’ technology regulates outlet temperature according to the ambient room humidity and temperature.
  • Good looks brighten any public washroom area.
  • Faster drying than most conventional models
  • Quieter than high speed and most other warm air dryers.

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Product Description

Hand Dryer Mediflow Bright Stainless

High performance, high efficiency hand dryer that produces half the noise of its competitors.It’s also ultra reliable, vandal-resistant and beautifully designed. It is one of the best conventional hand dryers in the world.

  • Intelligent
    • The Mediflow hand dryer features ‘Logic Dry’ technology to optimise performance based on ambient conditions and reduce energy consumption.
    • Intelligent management of IR reflection from fixed objects.
    • The IR detection sensor is fully adjustable.
    • Universal brush motor, 4500 rpm, F class, includes a self-resetting safety thermal cut-off at 120 ºC
  • Quiet
    • The Mediclinics Mediflows is a high performance, conventional class hand dryer. One of the fastest and most energy efficient dryers in its class, and yet, still the quietest.
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow produces half the noise of the leading competitors. Quieter than a hand dryer with far lower performance figures.
    • Excellent vibration isolation in the mounting system.
  • Stylish
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow has a very smooth, modern design.
    • Very versatile – white (steel) and stainless steel (bright and brushed).
  • Reliable
    • European design, manufacture and components.
    • Intelligent monitoring of internal functions extends component life.
    • The best warranty in its class.
  • Effective
    • Uses high air speed to dry the hands quickly.
    • Logic Dry technology matches heater output to the ambient conditions to dry the hands in the shortest time possible, with the least amount of energy.
  • Vandal resistant
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow has advanced vandal-resistant features.
    • Covers are fixed to the base with 2 vandal proof screws, requiring a proprietary wrench to remove. Removal also requires the screws to be turned in a clockwise, rather than the standard, anti-clockwise direction.
    • Casing materials are one-piece, solid, 1.5mm thick steel and stainless steel.
    • Design minimises points of ingress and flat horizontal areas, discouraging placement of cigarettes and coffee cups etc.
  • Price competitive
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow is very competitively priced compared to the market leaders.
  • Great warranty
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow has the best warranty in the country.
    • This machine, properly maintained, will continue to operate faultlessly way beyond the term of the warranty. Great design, manufacturing QA processes and quality European components guarantee an exceptional product.
  • architect friendly
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow is a smart, quiet, stylish high-performance hand dryer.
    • The smooth, modern design will complement a wide range of washroom interiors.
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow is the quietest hand dryer in its class, despite boasting leading performance figures. It produces less than half the noise of the leading competitor.
    • The standard shape and fitting holes make it easy to specify for a large range of projects.
    • A Hand dryer is an environmentally positive choice, outweighing paper and cloth towels both in terms of invested energy costs and running costs.
    • The Mediclinics Mediflow using ‘Logic Dry’ technology is even more energy efficient than most conventional hand dryers.
    • A choice of three finishes; white (steel), bright stainless steel and brushed stainless steel.
    • Designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest standards, with all components sourced in Europe.
    • Mediclinics Mediflow has the best warranty in its class.

Mediclinics Mediflow: Smooth is back

The Mediclinics Mediflow is a very easy machine to specify for any project. A Very quiet high-performance hand dryer, with smooth modern styling and a class leading warranty – and it’s very competitively priced.


7 years: 3 years labour / 7 years parts (terms apply)