Hand Dryer Machflow White

Hand Dryer Machflow White

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Hand Dryer Machflow White Steel

  • Next-Gen hi speed dryer for high traffic areas.
  • Made in Europe, warranty 3 yrs labour – 7 yrs parts.
  • Uses up to 90% less energy than warm air hand dryers.
  • Dries hands in a super fast 8 – 12 seconds.
  • Has no heating element.
  • Adjustable motor speed, air flow, dry time and noise.
  • GREENSPEC listed, great for NABERS, GREENSTAR.
  • Vandal resistant design
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Certifications Machflow M09A


Product Description

Hand Dryer Machflow White Steel

When the green option is also the best commercial solution.

The Machflow is one of our three “Green Hand Dryers”. Better performance WITH better energy efficiency. Drying times AND energy usage are slashed by up to 5 times. Especially important anyone wanting to improve the environmental performance of their buildings without sacrificing performance.

The Machflow has the potential to make a big impact on your NABERS and GREENSTAR scores, improving customer experience and reducing running costs.

  • FAST
    • Hands dried in 8 to 10 seconds.
    • Up to 5x faster than a conventional hand dryer.
    • Reduces power use by 80% over conventional a hand dryer.
    • Purchase price is lower than direct competitors.
    • Slashes cost per use by 98% over paper towels.
    • Slashes labour and disposal costs associated with paper towels.
    • High quality components for long life.
    • Up to 7 x more energy efficient than a conventional hand dryer.
    • Up to 10 x more energy efficient than paper towel (life cycle analysis).
    • Up to 75% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions compared with paper towel.
    • No waste, no landfill issues. A ten-storey building produces over 9 tonnes of paper towel waste per year.
    • Paper towels use trees, produce toxic manufacturing emissions, packaging waste, transport pollution and other factors associated with manufacture, delivery and waste removal.
    • Auto start means the user’s hands never contact any surface of the hand dryer.
    • Fast drying encourages more people to wash their hands. A significant improvement in hygiene.
    • Washroom patrons leave with hands that are completely dry.
    • The Mediclinics Machflow hand dryer is around half as noisy as other high speed dryers.
    • The adjustable speed can reduce the noise by half again
    • Special vibration damping and advanced design features along with high quality components creates an exceptionally quiet unit.
    • High-speed hand dryers produce more noise than conventional machines. A feature of the Mediclinics models is lower noise without compromising performance.
    • The Mediclinics Machflow has the best warranty of all high speed machines in Australia and a better warranty than many conventional machines.
    • The warranty offered is due to quality. These machines, properly maintained, will continue to operate faultlessly way beyond the term of the warranty. Great design, QA manufacturing processes and quality European components guarantee an exceptional product.
    • One of the primary requirements for any hand dryer is resistance to damage by vandalism.
    • Casing is a solid, 1.5mm thick steel or stainless steel
    • Casing design reduces access points and removes the flat top for cigarettes or coffee cups etc.
    • Compact, sleek, robust, low maintenance, wall-mounted, effective, high performance hand dryers.
    • Variable fan speed means that the fan speed can be increased to reduce drying time, or turned down to reduce noise.
    • The sleek modern design, with three designer finishes to choose from, looks great in most washrooms.
    • The Mediclinics Machflow hand dryer ticks all the boxes. Environmentally friendly slashing energy use by up to 80% compared to most conventional hand dryers. Energy usage is even around 30% less than the leading brand of high-speed hand dryers.
    • Significant positive impact on NABERS and GREENSTAR scores, especially with high washroom traffic.
    • Hands are completely dry in 8 to 10 seconds.
    • Machflow only produces around half the noise of the leading competitors.
    • Extremely flexible with a sleek, modern design that makes it easy to specify for a large range of projects.
    • The Machflow range is available in white and two Stainless Steel models; bright and brushed.
    • Designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest standards, with all components sourced in Europe.
    • The best warranty available in this type of hand dryer.

The choice should be very obvious by now.

European design and manufacturing, backed with class-leading warranties, and brought to market at very competitive prices, all combine to make the Machflow hand dryer an extraordinarily compelling piece of engineering.