Hand Dryers Dualflow Plus Mediclinics  

The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus provides a premium experience, iIt is very fast, quiet and easy to use. Eco-friendly, requiring only 20% of the energy needed to power conventional hand dryers and stylish, available in two designer finishes.

Mediclinics Dualflow Plus adds anti-bacterial surfaces and optional odour control tablets to create an even more hygienic and pleasant washroom environment.The Dualflow Plus can be fitted in disabled washrooms. It has the best warranty in its class and priced very competitively.

  • Fast
    • Dries hands in 10 to 15 seconds.Around 4x faster than conventional hand dryers.
  • Stylish
    • Dualflow Plus looks fantastic.
    • Mediclinics Dualflow Plus has the green credentials care for your clients and the environment.
    • Two designer finishes make the Dualflow easy to fit into any interior palette.
    • The option of adding dour neutralization tabs, enhancing the entire washroom environment.
  • Economical
    • Reduces power usage by around 80% over conventional hand dryers.
    • The price is less than the leading competitor.
    • Slashes maintenance and disposal cost per use by 99% compared to using paper towels.
    • High quality components mean a long life and the best warranty make the Dualflow Plus a sound investment.
  • Environmentally Friendly
    • 5 times more efficient than conventional hand dryers.
    • 10 x more efficient than paper towels (life cycle analysis).
    • Up to 20x more carbon dioxide efficient than paper towels.
    • No waste, no landfill e.g. a ten-storey building produces over 9 tonnes of paper towel waste per year. Paper towels are not recycled for hygiene reasons.
    • Paper towels consume trees, create toxic manufacturing emissions and waste generated by packaging, transport pollution.
  • Hygenic
    • Automatic start means the user’s hands do not contact any surface.
    • Antimicrobial treatment on all surfaces kill pathogens for the life of the unit.
    • Waste water droplets are captured and not circulated around the washroom.
    • Fast drying and low noise means more people wash their hands. A significant improvement in hygiene. Users leave the washroom with hands that are completely dry, rather than half dry.
  • Warranty
    • The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus has the best warranty of any comparable high speed machine in Australia.
    • The warranty terms is long for one reason – quality. These machines, properly maintained, will continue to operate faultlessly beyond the term of the warranty. Quality European components guarantee an exceptional product.
  • Vandal Resistant

    • Mediclinics years of experience in hand dryer manufacture guarantees great vandal resistance. One of the primary requirements for any hand dryer.
    • Casing is a very solid, 3.0mm thick, high impact ABS.
  • Disabled Washrooms
    • The Mediclinics Dual flow projects only 226.0 mm from the wall (compared with 247mm for the leading competitor) and the base of the unit is close to the floor makeing it detectable by blind people using a cane.
  • Odour Control
    • The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus can use optional fragrance tabs, enhancing the entire washroom environment.
  • Architect Friendly
    • The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus is a ultra-modern unit, looks, and feels modern, smart and prestigious.
    • Environmentally friendly hand dryer.
    • It is fast, and produces less noise than the leading competitors.
    • The unit is, a very light, 8.3 kilograms, making it easy to install on different wall types.
    • The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus comes in a choice of two attractive finishes; white and satin.
    • The Mediclinics Dualflow Plus is designed and manufactured in Europe to the highest standards.
    • Mediclinics Dualflow Plus: Style that is more than skin deep

Dualflow Plus is a package that costs much less than the leading competitor, with a better warranty.

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