Mediclinics Hand Dryers

Mediclinics – the best of European design and quality, at affordable prices that represent real value for money. Eight different models to suit every application and budget are backed by long warranties.

There are now two different types of commercial hand dryers.

Conventional type hand dryers use a heating element warming the air to evaporate water from the hands. The heating element uses a lot of electricity and takes around 30 seconds or more to completely dry hands. Warm air hand dryers are usually quieter and mostly used in a low traffic environment where dry time and power use is not a major consideration.

New generation high speed hand dryers have a very small heating element or none at all and blow air at high speed through jets onto the hands. The high speed air makes more noise than the traditional hand dryer but dries hands much faster in around 15 seconds and uses much less electricity. High speed hand dryers are referred as ‘green’ or eco-friendly as the energy saving can be as much as 75% over traditional warm air hand dryers. The purchase price is usually higher than traditional warm air units but the operating cost is lower making this type of unit ideally suited to a high traffic environment.

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